Full moons are my favorite (If only you could hear the sarcasm behind that), on my first one, I picked up a dude that said he was an angel and that he could cure cancer (Can’t make this shit up, remember that) and that he wanted me to become one of his disciples and as part of my duties I was supposed to go on the internet to find rich people with cancer that he would talk into giving him large sums of money for curing them. (Oh and fuck you it was a complete thought in my head.) Some of this money he was going to give to me to get the films made that I have been working on. Sounds good, don’t it? (Fuck you again I talk this way. Yes I say fuck a lot and fuck you if you have a problem with that kind of fucking language.) So then this “angel” tells me that during the summer he is going to level San Fran with an earth quake and L.A. with a tsunami and there was going to be a new disease. Yes the dude said all of this as if he believed it 100%. Tack on that he was twice my size and the next time I picked him he was having a paranoid delusion that his wife had sent people to kill him. I really hope he gets the help he needs before he hurts someone, not after.


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