One my favorite calls on my cell phone is from the drunk crying college girl. Goes a little like this when I arrive to pick her up. I call and this is the typical conversation.

Where are you?

4th and Main?

No, I’m at 4th and Main. Where are you?

I don’t know

Walk to the corner and look at the sign and tell me where you are.

20th and Park.

Stay there I will be right there.


I get there and she get is before she gets in the car we have this conversation.

I don’t have any money.

I know and I don’t care, now get in the car so I can get you home.

During the ride home there is a lot of apologizing on her part ad a lot of me telling her to stop and trying to figure out why she is crying this time. It’s a fun game and I figure it will prepare me for when my daughters make that same phone call to me someday.


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