There is one hour every night that is the potentially most profitable hour of the night every day. Bars in this town close at 2am and from 1-2 I can make a $100. You have to realize that my rates are $2.50 pick up and $2.50 a mile. Pretty cheap compared to larger cities. I have to drive 39 miles to get $100 on the meter and I will be traveling at an average speed of 35mph or slower. I average $30 to $40 in tips during that hour. On your average Thursday night I should have made about $50. Instead this happened.

I was in the line of double parked cabs in front of the bar with the most people in it waiting for the drunks to fall into my cab and throw money at me. What I got was watching one cab from another company pull away as the bouncers tried to pay him to take a young dangerously drunk girl home. Here is why he left and I took the ride.

Last week the same bouncer gave me a drunk young girl at 1am, damn near on the nose and I spent the next hour trying to get her to stay awake long enough to tell me where to take her. I grabbed her phone and sent replied to her last unanswered text telling the person I was a cab driver and what was going on. Thankfully I ended up getting a call from her boyfriend and I picked him up and we got her home. I missed out about $80 bucks that night but the guy threw me $14 and bought me a burger and was just so damn happy to see her OK. Huge pain in the ass that cost me money but you just can’t leave a girl drunk on the sidewalk in the middle of the night. At least I can’t.

This brings us to tonight. The young girl was trying to hit the bouncer and got in the cab on her own. The bouncer threw me $10 and I told him it was more than fine I would make sure she would get home safe. Drunk girl won’t tell me where to take here but has me make a couple turns then promptly passes the fuck out. I mean I actually checked her pulse to make sure she wasn’t dying from alcohol poisoning, an all too common occurrence in a college town.

While she was passed out I grabbed her phone and responded to the last text telling this person what was going on. I gave them my phone number and asked them to please call me.

I pulled into a Rite Aid parking lot and parked under a a light in plain view of the street that has cops regularly passing by at that time of night. I had to protect myself and make sure no one else was going to screw with us while tried to get her to wake up. She woke up and would not tell me where to take to her. Thought she was going to stay in the cab all night. I can’t leave a girl in this condition on the side of the road.

Now that sleeping beauty was awake I was practically begging her to give me a place to take her where she would be safe. I pleaded with her to let me help her. Then the hitting started.

I told her that I had not touched her and I would appreciate it if she did not touch me in any way. The 3 rd and hardest time she hit me I gave her five minutes of either tell me where to take you or I’m taking to the local police department. They will throw you in jail for the night. she swung and missed and I closed the door got in the car and started driving.

During the trip I kept trying to get her to tell me anywhere I could take her and she passed out again.

Tried to wake her before I went and pressed the buzzer.

Let them know what I had and they let me know they had an ambulance and a patrol car on the way.

She wakes up and gets out of the cab and promptly falls down. I offer to help her up, she is not playing well with others still. I try to get her to tell me an address before the patrol shows up and takes her to jail.

No such luck.

I left the police department at around 2:20am. No bar rush for me and I had to have a young distraught drunk woman put in handcuffs. I’m not proud of that. However at 3:28am I got a phone call from the person I had sent the text message to on her phone. I explained everything that happened and let him know I missed out on my most profitable hour, but there was no way I was leaving her on the side of the street and that I tried everything and took her to the cops as a last resort. When he thanked me, it felt good. I don’t do what I do for recognition, I do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Every once in a while though, that thank you goes a long way.


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